Richard Keith Frazine, B.D.

founder of the Barefoot Hikers of Thomaston, CT

author of

Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, California, 1993
ISBN 0-89815-525-8

General Background

I was born in New York City at sunrise on 13 December 1947.

I hold both United Kingdom and United States passports.

I hold a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Kings College, London. In taking this degree in 1984, I was required to pass examinations in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, as well as in English. Languages and Linguistics have long been of great interest to me. I can read Anglo Saxon, am fairly fluent in Polish, and can comprehend Spanish to an extent. I have also study'd reconstructions of the Proto Aryan Language. I have also made an extensive study of Calligraphy, and Palæography; and am well versed in Astrology. I was also once a professional Cartographer.
In matters of grammar, spelling, and punctuation, I am most influenced by the style of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. I prefer an Oxford Dictionary. The modern writer whose style I like best is Elizabeth Goudge.

I had study'd Theology with the intention of becoming a priest of the Church of England, but it became apparent that as an Anglo Catholick, an absolute Monarchist, and a Reactionary Tory Paternalist, I was far too conservative for what the C. of E. was becoming at the time and was unlikely ever to be recommended for Ordination. My conscience has since forced me to flee the Anglican Communion and make my peace with Rome, and I thank God and the Saints that I was at last led to Sacred Heart, New Haven, which still preserved the traditional (Tridentine) Latin Mass. In terms of philosophy, I am most influenced by St. Thomas Aquinas and Bishop Berkeley.

R.K.F.& J.D. A photograph of myself with J.D.
taken by my daughter Elizabeth.
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